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YouTube was created in February 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, who were all PayPal employees. Hurley studied design, but Chen and Karim studied computer science together.

The company used Adobe Flash Video technology to show a variety of user-generated video content, movie clips, TV clips, and music videos, also video blogging and short original videos.

Some of the You Tube services are: User comments, playback, uploading, videos, music, karaoke, lyrics, information videos, and documentary´s.

Businesses use YouTube to sell their products, showing videos about the product, explaining how to use it, making advertising, publicity, showing the good things about the product, Etc…

Nowadays, all the new technology like ipod touch, ipad, computers, celphones, blackberry, iphone and more, includes those applications, in this case like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

YouTube is connected with Facebook because sometimes in Facebook people put links of viedos they like of YouTube for their friends to look at those videos. When you click on the link it immediately sends you to YouTube, which gives YouTube more audience. It is also connected with twitter because in some videos of YouTube people put a twitter sign that says “follow me in twitter”, and in twitter there are also links of YouTube videos.                                                                                                                                

YouTube created a new and faster way of comunicating with people in any place of the world, immediately and at any time trough the YouTube web site. But anyway, the problem is that the privacy has been lost, because now, people can take a video of you and post it in youtube, so all the world can see it. They could also make a video telling a secret about somebody, that would not be a secret any more!

Thanks to YouTube, people dont need cd´s and taperecorders, they just search for any type of song they want in YouTube. Also they dont need a dvd or a movie disc, they just look for the movie they want to watch, and they would see it in YouTube. People can also watch the programs they like in YouTube, they dont need the tv. Anyway the tv is still used… But you can see an episode that has not been presented yet, by YouTube.

Before YouTube existed, there were few easy ways for computer users who wanted to post videos online. But in 2005, YouTube made it possible for everybody with an internet conection for posting videos that a all the world could watch.

The topics covered by YouTube have made of this video sharing  website one of the most important parts of internet.

Finally,YouTube is a good advance in technology and it has many positive things, but it has also bad things, it means  that children are now more distant to their families because they are all the time in YouTube, they also dont play games like hide- and -seek, or have to much social life because of being all the time at the computer singing, watching videos, listening to the music and much more.

Daniel Vargas
2/10/2011 07:31:59 am

dani i like your blog !!

2/10/2011 07:35:05 am

it is very cool


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